What is the speciality of Sri Rama Navami Prasadam?

Sri Rama Navami Prasadam

శ్రీ రామ నవమినాడు వడపప్పు పానకం ఎందుకు పంచుతారు?

Sri Rama Navami Prasadam

Sri Rama Navami is the birthday of purana purusha, Lord Rama. There is another specialty of Sri Rama Navami, that is the prasadam distributed on the festival day.

Soaked green gram pulses, mixed with coriander leaves and lemon juice, this mixture is called Vadapappu. It got the name Vadapappu as it helps to withstand summer heat and prevents sunstroke.

And another one is Panakam, jaggery mixed in water along with black pepper powder. This is also distributed along with famous Vadapappu. These two things are distributed without fail for every Sri Rama Navami. There will be a reason for everything in Indian Culture. The day of Sri Rama Navami falls at the wake of Summer when the heat is on. The two things Vadapappu and Panakam act as coolants in that heat. With these purposeful prasadams people will be safeguarded from sunstroke and related problems.

Jai Sri Ram _/\_


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