Why is evening twilight is called Asurasandhya vela?

evening twilght
Asurasandhya vela

Asurasandhya vela


3. Godhuli Vela or the auspicious time of cow’s dust

This time is also called as Godhuli Vela, the time of cow’s dust. In olden days there were cows in every house hold and there were keepers of cow herds.

They take the cows from every house in the morning for grazing in the grasslands and in forests, then they return them in the evening at the time of twilight.

Dust will rise due to the stamping of feet of a big group of cows. This dust is considered holy and the time too.

Another reason is that the boon bestowing deities or Tathastu Devatas roam around the world during evening twilight. Following this it has been made a custom to be clean and be with a clear mind to wish something divine and auspicious.

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