Laxmidevi Vrath?

swarna gowri vrat
Laxmidevi Vrath?

Laxmidevi Vrath?


Our CULTURE, TRADITIONS and BELIEFS are very important. In this entire world seeing god and worshipping are the special quality we have. In addition, tithe, nakshatra, masam and varam in our culture have their own significances.

We fallow chandramanam in our panchangam that consists of 12 months in which Sravana masam is considered as a very important month. All the vraths and poojas fallowed by women mainly comes in this month which is known as “vrathala masam”

When we think of sravana, Masam the first thing comes into our mind is Varalakshmi Vratham and the second one is Mangala gowri vratham.

This is also known as Sravana Mangalavara Vratham and Mangala Gowri vratham. Lord Krishna to Droupadhi explains the significance of this vrath.

Once droupadhi went to Krishna and asked to explain about a vrath that gives good fortune to women. Then Lord Krishna said Mangala Gouri is the powerful Goddess. While killing Tripurasura Lord Shiva prayed to Mangala Gouri and won. Mars worshipped Mangala Gowri and known as Graha Raju and he is the king of Tuesday. If we worship Mangala gowri and follow Sravana Sukravara Vratham, we will be blessed with good fortune. This is the story in Epics.

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