Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi






                                                      Monday,   Ashweyuja Shuddha Vidiya

                          Decoration of  SRI BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI DEVI  2nd day (Mercury + Ketu)

                                                          yellow color saree (guruvu ) 

                                        Panchadara nivedana (Prasad) (Venus + Moon) 


Hreemkaaraasana garbhitaanala sikhaam sou kleem kalaam bhibhratheem
souvarnaambara dhaareem ,varasudhaadouthaam trinetrojjvalaam
vamde pusthaka paasamamkusadharaam sragbhushithaamujvalaam
thaamgoureem tripuraam paraatpara kalaam sreechakra samchaarineem .

Who should do it? Why? How to do it?

On the second day, the mother of Sri Bala Tripura beauty adorns the yellow saree and reports the caramel or parsnip and dandhanam to increase the knowledge of Mercury in the horoscope.

Those who often face difficulties in competitive exams outperform them.
Anyone who has disputes over property matters will be freed.
Those who have health nerves or serious skin problems can find relief from those problems. Interfaces with the droplets are equal.
Problems can be avoided by improving businesses.

Above all, there is no doubt that those who are in the divine or mystical doctrine of the supernatural worship of the saints at this time are reported to perform prasadas and perform the chanting / chanting / chanting of the mantras.

Similarly, those who receive any form of witchcraft from the gurus today worship the sellers and chant the mantras, which are likely to produce good results.

Those who have the opportunity today to consider selling a girl (s) under the age of 10 and donate new clothes to them can see outstanding results.
(But it would be better if you could actually identify those who need them.)

Mantra to Read

om im hreem sreem baalaa Tripura sumdaryai namo namaha

The mantra must be chanted 5 thousand ways or at least 108 marks


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