Laxmidevi Vrath?

swarna gowri vrat
Laxmidevi Vrath?

Laxmidevi Vrath?


3. Who can do vrath?

Newly married women and sumangalis can perform this vrath. After marriage, in Sravana Masam, they have to follow this vrath on first Tuesday and continue this on every Tuesday until the Sravana Masam ends. If any problem occurs without doing this Vrath there is alternate explained in our Epics. If we did not fallow this Vrath, we can do on Tuesdays in Badhra padha Masam and Sukla Paksham. We have to fallow this Vrath before starting of Mahalaya pakshalu.

Like this continuously for five years after marriage, they have to do this vrath.

  1. If you are doing this vrath for the first time, it is better to fallow this when your mother is beside you. In the absence of your mother, you can complete it with the help of mother-in-law or other married women.
  2. On the vrath day touch, the feet of your husband seek blessings from in-laws, parents and other elders. Before night, it is good if you fast by having some fruits.
  3. The day before vrath and after vrath you have to stay away from marital life
  4. We have to worship only one idol for all the weeks and after this Vinayaka chavithi festival we have dilute the idol along with lord Ganesh idol.
  5. Thangedipoolu, uthareni, garike are the things used during vratham.


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