Why Hindu brides enter their new home with right foot in first?

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Why Hindu brides enter their new home with right foot in first?

It has been an old custom of Hindu societies that brides enter their new home with right foot in. Many wonder why is it and there is also an argument that why only right foot. There are explanations for right foot in. As per the religious scriptures, let us say scientific too, right side of the human body is identified as the masculine power or static energy and left side as the feminine power or dynamic energy. Right side is spiritual where as left side is material. It is said like this because the ever moving part of the body, the heart lies on the left side of the body which is dynamic, the Prakruti Shakti and right side is Purusha Shakti.

And also in many occasions right hand side is considered as auspicious. We normally eat with right hand and wear vermilion with right hand and also take anything given by others with it. The masculine and feminine significance divides the body with makes right side and left side eligible for certain works.

Implementation of purusha shakti is good at the times of auspiciousness and feminine energy or prakrusi shakti is good for the times that need endurance and longevity. Worshipping is also different in left hand and right hand paths which are specifically Tantric way and vedic way of worship.


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