Importance and things to do on Deepavali



2. Rituals to be performed during Deepavali.

On the New Moon day (Amavasya) of Deepavali, Sun and the Moon gods, both are in the Swati Nakshatra and it is widely believed that taking a bath during this period is auspicious.

96 minutes (four ghadiyas) before the sunrise are called the time of Arunodaya, and during this period one should take bath over the head with sesame seed oil. And it is believed that, on the holy day of Deepavali, goddess Ganga resided in the ponds.

hence, taking a bath in these ponds gives one the same holy result as taking bath in the holy Ganges River. And the water that is being used to take bath should contain the barks of trees like Banyan, Mango, Black plum, and the Bael, after taking bath, one should wear white clothes and have food prepared from black gram and the leaves of its plant, as per popular beliefs.

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