How to perform Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali?


Why Lakshmi Puja is to be performed?

On the auspicious day of Deepavali, goddess Lakshmi, takes the form of Deepa Lakshmi (goddess taking the form of diyas), with hundred-thousand rays emanating as swords from the Diya, wages a war against the dark, wins it and fills the whole world with the light of joy and happiness. According to the epics, performing Lakshmi puja welcoming Deepa Lakshmi, and lighting a Diya near the holy Tulasi plant, (which is a form of goddess Lakshmi) brings all kinds of prosperity into one’s life.

How to perform?

  • On the evening of the day of Deepavali, Goddess Lakshmi’s puja is performed.
  • The place where the puja ritual is done, grains are put and spread, and are covered by a white piece of cloth. And then, goddess Lakshmi’s idol is decorated.
  • As per the popular beliefs, it’s auspicious to worship Goddess Lakshmi with chrysanthemums.
  • People also worship the goddess with red hibiscuses, lotuses, roses, and jasmines.
  • People wear white or red coloured clothes while worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, as these two colours are her favourite colours.
  • Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped by reciting the “Ashtottara” (meaning, 108 names) which details her qualities. This is followed by offering Goddess Lakshmi with sweets, as Naivedyam (offering to God).

If one worships Goddess Lakshmi this way, one is blessed with all kinds of wealth. On Deepavali, there are some people who worship the goddess with gift made of gold. After worshipping the goddess with pure heart, people decorate their homes with lights.


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