Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi


Maa MahaLakshmi Devi Laxmi Goddess of Wealth

Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi

7th day of Navratri 2020 Ashweyuja Shuddha Saptami

Decoration of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi on 7th day (shani, kuja, raahu, kethu, poorna Chandra (full moon))

Parrot green colour saree (Budha)

Jaggery Nivedana (Prasad) (shani+ bruhaspathi)

Payasam (Pudding) (sukra, moon)

The mantra to be recited

Om shreem hreem kleem gloum gam ganapathaye varavarada sarvajanamye vashamanayaswaha

The above mantra should be recited for 1108 times.

indra uvāca –
namastē:’stu mahāmāyē śrīpīṭhē surapūjitē |
śaṅkhacakragadāhastē mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 1 ||

namastē garuḍārūḍhē ḍōlāsurabhayaṅkari | [*kōlāsura*]
sarvapāpaharē dēvi mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 2 ||

sarvajñē sarvavaradē sarvaduṣṭabhayaṅkari |
sarvaduḥkhaharē dēvi mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 3 ||

siddhibuddhipradē dēvi bhuktimuktipradāyini |
mantramūrtē sadā dēvi mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 4 ||

ādyantarahitē dēvi ādiśakti mahēśvari |
yōgajñē yōgasambhūtē mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 5 ||

sthūlasūkṣmamahāraudrē mahāśakti mahōdarē |
mahāpāpaharē dēvi mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 6 ||

padmāsanasthitē dēvi parabrahmasvarūpiṇi |
paramēśi jaganmātaḥ mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 7 ||

śvētāmbaradharē dēvi nānālaṅkārabhūṣitē |
jagatsthitē jaganmātaḥ mahālakṣmi namō:’stu tē || 8 ||

mahālakṣmyaṣṭakaṁ stōtram yaḥ paṭhēdbhaktimānnaraḥ |
sarvasiddhimavāpnōti rājyaṁ prāpnōti sarvadā || 9 ||

ēkakālē paṭhēnnityaṁ mahāpāpavināśanaṁ |
dvikālaṁ yaḥ paṭhēnnityaṁ dhanadhānyasamanvitaḥ || 10 ||

trikālaṁ yaḥ paṭhēnnityaṁ mahāśatruvināśanaṁ |
mahālakṣmīrbhavēnnityaṁ prasannā varadā śubhā || 11 ||

iti śrī mahālakṣmyaṣṭakam ||

(This should be recited for 11 times)

What to do? When to do? Why to do?

On 6th day goddess is decorated a goddess Maha Lakshmi Devi with light green colour saree. Jaggery, Payasam (pudding) is kept as offerings. Later the mantra mentioned above should be recited.

On this day our house should be neat and clean without any spider webs or there should be no wastage in the garbage bins and water storage cans should be abundant (full). As well as on this day we shouldn’t participate in any quarrels, or we shouldn’t get into frustration. In this way, if our house consists of such type of disturbing weather the impact of Shani gets increased which leads to delay in our works or hampering (suffering) in our occupation.

If water cans are not entirely filled, the effect of the moon will be in a wrong way which leads to financial problems. Unnecessary quarrels lead to the severe effect of Kuja which causes debt problems.

The students who are facing problem in studies should take blessings from their uncles (father-in-law (maternal)) or should do Archana in Lord Ganesha’s temple with grass. By this, the students can concentrate more on their studies.

The one who is facing problems in their occupation should prepare laddos using sesame seeds and Jaggery and offer them to gomatha (cow). By doing this, their problems get reduced to some extent.

The persons who are facing financial problems should do Kanya shulkam or should offer curd rice with onions to the old age people. By this, the financial problems get decreased.

The married ladies whose maternal house is near to them should go there and prepare curd rice with some onions or the dishes prepared with masala and spices and offer them to their family members.

Jyotishya naadi and tantric Siddhartha’s are telling that by doing this the Shani and Chandra doshas in their horoscope will get reduced. Financial problems get decreased.

Note: the persons who participate in the pooja on this day shouldn’t hurt ladies and the ladies shouldn’t shout or speak ferociously with anyone at any incident of time.


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