Why do we get dreams and what do they tell?

Why do we get dreams

It is a common thing that we all dream. Be it short nap or a long sleep, we experience dreams every time we sleep. It is usually said that dreams are the thoughts or rough memories turn in to virtual reality and brain recollects them when we sleep. We all know that brain will never sleep. Brain stays active when we sleep and keep our memories in order or erase the memories which we did not use for a long time. This need some knowledge to understand what brain does and how it manages memories. Everybody possesses photographic memory and everything we see will be recorded into instant memory and later those memories will be sent to subconscious memory which preserves it for a long time and brings it back when we recollect.

2. What does Indian Ancient Sciences tell about Dreams?

Ancient scriptures like puranas and vedas explained about dreams and their results in the form of interesting stories. This makes us evident that our ancestors had studied every aspect of human nature and psychology. It was said in our shastras that we should try to sleep after a bad dream and it is better to stay awake after a good dream. Dreams show us the future.

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