Why should not we wash our feet after going around Navagrahas?



Is it wrong to wash feet after performing pradakshinas to Navagras at temples?

Visiting a temple is never complete without performing pradakshinas or circumambulations. Pradakshina is imparted with much value during darshanam of deities. Almost every temple consists of a place for Navagrahas. Many of them perform pradakshinas for Navagrahas, then wash their feet before going to darshanam of deity. This is the biggest mistake. Washing feet after performing pradakshinas to Nagrahas is nothing but disrespecting them. So, anyone is not supposed to wash their feet after going around Navagrahas.

When should we wash feet in connection with Navagrahas?

We need to wash our feet when we propitiate Lord Shanishwara with sesame oil and donate sesame seeds to Brahmins. It is advised to wash hands and feet or take bath in the sense if any sesame seeds are stuck to hands or feet when we donate on the name of Lord Shani. As all the grahas are installed on one platform it is definitely a mistake to wash feet when donation is not given in the name of Shani. All the piousness gained through pradakshinas will go away with washing feet. So, except after donation on the name of Lord Shani, it is not supposed to wash hands and feet after performing pradakshinas to navagrahas.


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