Why is it good to wear a nose pin?


Nose Pin

ముక్కు పుడక ఎందుకు ధరించాలి?


3. What are the benefits of wearing a Nose Pin or Ring?

There are several medical and scientific reasons connected to piercing of nose and wearing nose pin or ring. Today’s so called educated and learned people oppose all the traditions in the name of advancement and say that these all are superstitions. But Indian medical systems say that it is good to pierce nose and wear nose pins. It is advised to wear a dot like nose pin on the right nostril as Surya Nadi runs through it. And on the left nostril, a crescent like nose pin is advised as Chandra Nadi runs through it.

There are several benefits of wearing nose pins as they reduce the risk of gynaecological abnormalities, and the magnitude of labour pains thus facilitating easy child birth. Nerves belonging to eyes and ears remain healthy. There is no risk of bronchial problems in the women those who wear nose pin or ring. And it also enhances reproductive system.

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