Who is the real love of Draupadi?

Who is the real love of Draupadi?

Who is the real love of Draupadi?


2. How was Draupadi treated by Pandavas?

Dhamaraju or Yudhisthira treated her with detachment and Arjuna was married to Subhadra, Uloochi and Chitrangada along with Draupadi.

Bhima married Hidimbi and Balandhara other then Draupadi, but he is the one who loved her more than anyone of the Pandavas.

Nakula and Sahadeva didn’t have active part when it comes to Draupadi or Maha Bharata though they are very knowledged and known persons.

They just opted out of everything that is going on as they are totally aware of what is happening and what will happen.

So, finally it is Bhima who loved Draupadi to the bottom of his heart. He was the one who killed Keechaka, brought Sougandhika Pushpam for her, and fulfilled her asking by killing Dussasana in Maha Bharata War.

Who is the real love of Draupadi?

Five Pandavas shared her their love along with their other wives and Draupadi did not really equally loved them back.

Actually Draupadi fell so much for Arjuna but he did not care for her that much when it comes to Love. But interestingly there is one man who won the love of Draupadi before Pandavas.

Before Draupadi met Pandavas, she met Lord Krishna. She asked Krishna to marry her as they resemble each other in everything. Actually they are the same power as she is said to be the embodiment of Maha Kali shakti. But Krishna said that she has to marry Pandavas to fulfil her destiny and he will be there for her whenever she wanted and whatever the help she needed. The love between them is eternal and it is more than a worldly relation. They are connected intellectually and with souls. It is not that she downtraded her husbands, but she accepted Krishna as a soul friend and he kept his promise till the end.


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