What should we do to eradicate sakala graham doshas and enemy problems?

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What should we do to eradicate sakala graham doshas and enemy problems?

The great power which prevents the catastrophes (strives)

The great power which prevents the evils is one of the incarnations of Goddess which is seen on the eight day of navarathris is the Durgadevi. Epics tell that in this avatar goddess durga killed a demon named Durgamudu.

The Durga roopam

Durga roopam is the first and foremost form in the Pancha prakruthi swaroopas. This goddess only gives us nirvana (salvation). Worshipping this goddess gives us relief from all the sufferings and pains. We get the victory in all aspects. Worshipping the goddess will eradicate the Sakala graha doshas. She quickly fulfils the desires for the one who worships her with a pious mind and soul.

The procedure of pooja

We have to pray the goddess using red clothes, red flowers, and the rice mixed with kumkum (akshintalu).

Mantra: “Om dum durgayay namaha” is the mantra which should be chanted.

Durga suktham recitation should be done.

We should read Durga and Lalitha ashtotharams.

Offerings: we have to offer pulagam (rice cooked with small amount of moong dal)


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