Rare Shiva Stotra for health and longevity

Maha Shiva (2)
Shiva Stotra for health

Shiva Stotra for health

Lord Shiva is said to be the God of Destruction. He is also said to be easily accessible to his devotees and gives away whatever they ask. That is why he is called as Bhola Shankara. There are many powerful stotras about Lord Shiva including Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and stotra. There is one small but effective stotra that bestows health and longevity. It is Apamrityuhara Stotra which praises Lord Shiva. Chant this stotra 108 times whenever possible and let the blessings of Bhola Shankara shower upon you

Gowri Vallabha Kaamaareya kaalakoota vishaasanaa

Maama Uddhaare Padaambhoje Tripura Agnyataa Kaanthakaa

Mrityunjayaaya Rudraaya Neelakantaaya Shambhave

Amrutheshaaya Sharvaaya Mahaadevaaya Te Namah

Mahaadevam Maheshaanam Maheswaram Umaapathim

Mahaasena Gurum Vande Mahaabhaya Nivaaranam


Jai Matangi Maa


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