Bhuvaneshwari – The Ruler Goddess

goddess bhuvaneswari
Mahavidya Bhuvaneshwari

1. Mahavidya Bhuvaneshwari – The ruler of the worlds

Bhuvanam means world and Eeshwari means the one who rules. Thus Bhuvaneshwari means the ruler of the worlds. She is the one of the dasa mahavidyas, the highest orders of knowledge. Once Lord Brahma wanted to create the universe and he did intense penance to please and invite the Kritya Shakti, the energy of the creation. Then Her Almighty Aadishakti took the incarnation of Bhuvaneshwari. She rules every world of this endless universe. She is a supreme empress. She has every consciousness of this world and is enriched with innumerable siddhis. She bestows her worshippers with enormous creative energy and gives unstoppable success to them in whatever the path they choose.



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