What is the importance of Vaisakha Masam?

Vaisakha Masam English
vaisakha masam 2020

vaisakha masam 2020

3. What are the mandatory things to do in Vaisakha Masam?

This is the month of charity. It is most important to take bath in the sea, river or tank. One must do Samudra Snanam on the day of Vaisakha Shuddha Purnima. One who cannot take bath in the ocean month long has to try to do it on these three days at lease, shukla Paksha Trayodashi, Chaturdashi and Pournima days for sure.

Sea bath in Vaishakham has the power of washing away all our sins.

Performing rituals to Ravi or Peepal tree and Tulasi or Holy Basil Plant in Vaisakha Masam is very auspicious.

Demised ancestors shall rejoice in heaven if Peepal tree is propitiated with water.

Rudrabhishekam or propitiating Lord Shiva with water in Vaisakha Masam will bestow whatever aspired.

Vaisakha Masam is very important and favourable month for yagna yagas, moma, rituals, ablations, charities and pious deeds.

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