Moola 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Poorvashada 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttarashada 1st pada

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25 Oct, 2020 to 31 Oct, 2020

Self-confidence can be there, however, what others say you take them to your head. Problems encountered because of mother-in-law’s family members can irritate. It is not advisable to take decisive decisions in the dealings. Also chances there it can become more problematic. Faintness can be there. Showcases your finesse and capability in finishing the business/professional or personal matters as per expectations.


Even though you steps forward with patience, mental worries can be there as you encounter criticism from one or the other. Without expecting returns you can’t help to others, and also the situations push you to be like that. During 1st week, you show more interest towards the work you are doing and related to profession/business in order to develop more understanding on them. From second week, participates in good occasions and in some situations the efforts you put can go waste. From the 3rd week, to step in a development way, you may change the rules and regulations and you put some efforts to increase your name and fame, you meet with the results for whatever efforts you put till now. Problems can be encountered in the dealings during month end.

This donation is for them. From 05-11-2019, the 12 th house of the Guru will be the next tomorrow to be known as Tamara Murthy. Swarnamurti is born in the birth of 24-01-2020 and will be watched in the next 2nd year. Rahu-Ketu is going to be the golden year round in 7-1 position.
This year they have mixed results for this year. The strength of the Guru is found to have the effect of any other Saturn effect. But there is some inappropriate atmosphere, because “ostrac raha” is wandering. Overall, the expected results in mixed results this year will be short-lived.
The birth of Shani in the birth of the ‘Ellinati Shani’ effect is clearly visible this year. According to the texts of “Tejohanirmimati Bhramsho Mannah Pheda Panthattha”, no one believes in you. A little bit of self-esteem will be considered. Finally, if any decision does not go, the final deterministic power will go away if it takes time. You are going to travel like a navy without a rudder. The fear of something unknown is chasing. Health is not slow. The conditions towards the addiction are taken.
Lethargy is high. All things are taken lightly. Wear clothes, shrouded in garments. Made in the blanket area. If you go to good, the bad will be done, the burning of the hanging on the mangalam will fall on you. No matter how much money you can earn.
The cost of gurus is spending a lot of money for the good work, according to the text of the “costly expenditure”. There is a possibility of dislocation, sharing in mumbai marketing. The lack of power is lacking in the intellect and lack of thought. All the food is eaten and the delay in work is increased.
‘Ashtamu Rahu’ is ending. Rahu is going to continue his journey in Saptamam. With this motion, the “wasteland small gain wasted” is a scientific text that can only be experienced by any work.
Unnecessary experiments are exacerbated. Skin-related disorders can cause irritation and allergies. The family needs to stay away for some time in some conditions.
It is good to have a look at some of the ‘Eli Shani’ effect on the entire year. If the results of the above are read and made in some chaos, the scope of the scene is 30%. Improvements in the horoscopes when the phases are not good in the horoscopes. The readers should note. The phase in the race – all of the bad consequences mentioned above can not happen. Some only take place.
This horoscope should read the timelessness of time to get positive results. Rudraparayana is very good. For the sake of beggars and people who live on the road, providing minimal accommodation facilities will reduce the effect of the sun. It is advisable to feed dogs to monkeys. Keep the entire area clean. Clean the body. Shani’s wife does not have a place where she is clean. It is good to wear a niche spin. Incense should be made in the house at the time of pruning. Aditya heart reaction is caused by enmity. On Saturday evening, in the Shiva temple in the Shiva temple, pray to the Lord with the blessings of the Lord and go back home without turning back.