Mrugashira 3, 4 padas, Arudra1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3 padas

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29 Nov, 2020 to 05 Dec, 2020

Gemini weekly horoscope this week, money will come from many sources. Powerful people will help you, and there will be professional achievements. Overall, your health will be good. At home, you will enjoy the festive atmosphere this week along with your family. Your family life will be very good, and you will enjoy going out to on celebrations. There will be a rise in your status, prestige and honour. You will get support from your family members.


Gemini monthly horoscope this month, your hard earned savings will be spent without any control or proper thinking. There may be loss of wealth, due to your carelessness. This is the best month to clear your debts off. You will effectively manage your needs of money with balancing your financial resources. Be very prudent with your spending and watch your habits. Some of your plans and projects will not materialize, according to your expectations. You will be involved in tedious jobs at work-place. At the beginning of the month, you will suffer due to chronic complaints. You need against infections and be cautious, while driving. You may have difference of opinion with your wife and therefore some issues could crop up due to friction. There will be misunderstanding and disagreement in the family. You may get new friendships and also receive help in your work. You will become somewhat indifferent to your relatives. Friends could turn away, apparently due to the fact that they will have their own commitments. Your enemies become silent, as they all would lose their strength to oppose you. You will enjoy your trips in the company of your family. You may be forced to travel outside the country and there will be unwanted expenditure. Some travel plans could get cancelled at the last minute.

This donation is for them. 05. 11. Guruvatu Sevana Murthy, who will be in the seventh year till 2019, is going to be the next seventh year. This donation is for them. 24. 01. 2020 Shani Tharramurthi will be the next eighth house thamramurthi. Throughout the year, Rahu – Ketu is going to be a happy birthday in the birth and happiness.
This year they have mixed results for this year. The long-range gravitational guru, Rahu-Ketu and Sans are gradually ranked 6, 1-7,7-8, and the haggards will give the opposite results.

According to the scientific text of the “son of the son of the son of the son”, the problem of gravity is increased due to the sixth of the Guru. Sometimes the wife’s sons go away and face life. Our expectant people will turn to mourn. Be careful about your goods or products.

Those who strive to destroy you from ever, try to smash you using their knowledge and strength this year. Especially because of fire through thieves, you can (or) risk your company.
The absence of the Guru’s power does not have a sound mind. It is advisable to borrow and buy vehicles / homes ten times a year.

The birth of the birth of the birth of the “birth of the son-in-law of martyrdom”, according to the texts, They have to stay in a different place and spend time with them to spend time with them. Money is spent on water. Suspicion of the disease. It is not advisable to get rid of all things. Pests may be caused by insect pests. Maldives are traversed in mountainous areas.

The. After 24-01-2020, “Ashta Shani” is going to be watched, according to the scientific text of the “anti-inflammatory pulmonary artery disease”. The money you have earned will be lost due to medicines, unnecessary, or lost. Bodily unhealthy references appear in the “ostrich shani” wandering. But those disorders come from our own.
Overall, the whole year is not jalgaga / free this year. But this situation will help you to better understand your life course and learn good behavior. This planet is very useful for you to capture the capabilities and power in you without knowing it.

As mentioned earlier, good influence in the horoscope will affect the influence of the globe

On the whole, they will have to undertake their work and patience discipline this year. Good features can be learned on a journey. Who are friends, who will get rid of your enemies. This year is seen as a destination destination.

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48) “Rudrabhishekam is good and Devi Khadangal is the best.” Subrahmanyeswara Swami anointing takes place every Tuesday. .