Uttarashada 2, 3, 4 padas, Shravanam 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Dhanishta 1, 2 padas

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25 Oct, 2020 to 31 Oct, 2020

Even though struggles can become more, however, it doesn’t bother you as everyone’s help, and support can be there. Also, there can be some criticism from those who give their support to you. What others tell can deeply affect your mind. As you don’t follow taking food in a timely manner and due to lack of proper sleeping, chances are there for abdomen related health complications can trouble you. It is good to take enough care on everything.


Even though you steps forward with patience, mental worries can be there as you encounter criticism from one or the other. Without expecting returns you can’t help to others, and also the situations push you to be like that. During 1st week, you show more interest towards the work you are doing and related to profession/business in order to develop more understanding on them. From second week, participates in good occasions and in some situations the efforts you put can go waste. From the 3rd week, to step in a development way, you may change the rules and regulations and you put some efforts to increase your name and fame, you meet with the results for whatever efforts you put till now. Problems can be encountered in the dealings during month end.

This donation is for them. From 05-11-2019, the Guru is in the 11th House and will be celebrating the next 12th year as Rajitha Murthy. Saturn The From 24-01-2020, the 12th house is going to be made in the next birthday, the raku-katthas are going to be in the year 6-12 at the temple.
This horoscope is suitable for them this year. While the ‘Elinati Shani’ effect, Guru and the 6th Rahu are given good results. So the effect of ‘Elani Shani’ will not fall on them. Particularly, political leaders will be hostile. In the community the honor of honor is increased.
The gravity of the guru is caused by economic prosperity. According to the scientific theory of “Yoshotrirubarbantalbhaltera Allaartha Vijasashkhum”, reputation increases. Especially in the elections in Andhra Pradesh. Promotions are available for employees. Entrepreneurs will never go out of the competition in an unprecedented way. Spiritual maturity. There is a good standing in the community, something unknown seems to be behind us. Nobody can reach the level of intelligence.
Rahu’s 6th home makes wandering enemies. Those who are not married can get married. According to the science of “rhyming rhythmic rhyme”, the foundation for life is enhanced with great plans. It is an unforgettable experience that can be done with hard work. Take part in good works. Empty life.
On the whole, the desert will be good for them this year. The negative effects of Shani’s good results are also good. According to the scientific text, “Ever since the end of the meal, do not go through the lunch, the journeys are high and the possibility of displacement.
The effect of the Saturn effect is not visible before Guru Rahu is good. It’s important this year in life as it is important. Generally speaking. My cue comes a time, then I say, it’s this year! Bold decisions can be taken. Especially your opponents can not cope with you. You will see them as a barren wound.
Suitable for employees and entrepreneurs. This samchari must be performed on the occasion before the new moon on the occasion of Saturdaysi Tirthi (Masashi Shatri). In the early days of Saturdays (between 6 to 7:30 pm) Shiva should be worshiped with sulphate oil and reconciliation. Black cobbies for the people living on the road and to the beggars. Anathema boys may have to blacken the dark halwa or salt biscuits to reduce the effect of the sun.