Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushyami 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Aslesha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

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25 Oct, 2020 to 31 Oct, 2020

Worries much to keep your word given to others and expenditure can be there. Chances are there your thought process deviates in many directions. Mental worries can be there related to family matters, however, doesn’t lack comforts and conveniences. Chances for woman’s oriented domination can be there related to the matters at home. Even though time is in your to some extent, you may roam around many times even for small matters.


Involvement into other’s personal matters can raise misunderstanding with family, friends and relatives. 1st week help and support can be there to others; however some conspiracy also can be encountered from them. Even though you show more interest towards profession/business, there can be a decrease in your capacity and unable to take right decisions. Whatever you talk, others can receive it in a negative way. It’s better to keep silent for few days. 2nd week unexpected travelling can be there, even though obstacles encountered to travelling to abroad, results can be favourable to you. Those who are in a plan for marriage proposals, it is good time for them. 3rd week, you show more interest towards yourself and family member’s happiness and comfort. You may display very good intelligence and behaves in straight forward nature. With God’s blessings, situations can turn to your favour.

This will be done by the 5th anniversary of Rajitha Murthy, the next sixth time, to the following: 05-11-2019. Saturn The From the 24th to 2020, Swarnamurthy is going to be watched as the ‘Swarna’ next week. Rahu-Kutthas are going to be lopes in the 12th and 6th places of the year.
This is the most favorable time for them this year. One of the longest gigantic planets, Rahu – Ketu, Guru, Shani, is the fifth and sixth Satya. It is also about two years later that the masses came to them. For most of the long-term tasks, marriages, government activities and fertility issues, this year’s Karnataka Character is more likely to come up with positive results.
The fifteenth anniversary of the “Hymn of the Thousand Swimmer Swarovar”, according to the scientific verse, gets a job for a long time job seeker. Promotion is available to employees working in government or private sector. Since the birth of a son is a guru, in the place of birth, the zodi will have positive results in the parenting of them.
Political leaders decorate good deeds. Along with the Guru, the marriage of the unmarried women according to the text of the Sixth Sati ” Whether it’s going to be long for a long time or not, This year is expected to see significant improvements in home affairs, financial and business matters.
It is possible to dispose of the “texture of poverty”, according to the rhetoric of Rahu in cost-of-living position. The displacement of the planetary equilibrium will have economic progress. Such conditions may require a different area of ​​residence as a result of the promotion or moving into a new home. Since the risk of insects is perennial, it is best to take care of animals and insect pests. The thieves should keep looking for something.
This year, the Karnataka Govt is going to be financially rewarding and blessed. This planetary status can be used to enhance the honor of the community in this year’s decline, as the worst experiences in the name of ‘adversary’ name (due to eclipse or birthday, or lack of birth).
To ensure more positive results, the Devi can be rectified daily, every Tuesday or the first Tuesday of the month to be anointed to Subrahmanyeshvar.