Do you know about the father of plastic surgery?


3. Susruth surgery:

He is the first one to do sigearian.

The first incident reflected him to do a plastic surgery is like this …

‘One night a traveler who almost loss his nose in an accident knocked the door of susruth. Bleeding is uncontrollable from his nose.  Susruth first cleaned his face and applied some leaf juices. Later he offered him to some wine to have. He measured the length of his nose with a leaf and cutted the same length flesh from his chin. The patient lightly screamed of pain but due to grape juice, effect he did not had that much pain. Later he dressed that chin, kept two pipes in his nostrils, and attached the flesh where nose has cut off. Later he applied red sandal powder and some other powder to it. In addition, he applied some powder that is used by barbers in their work and he dipped some cotton in sesame oil and Band-Aid the nose.

This is the first plastic surgery done in 16th century. He got this expertisation from divodasadhanvanthari from kasi.

He wrote a book called “susruthasamhitha” which is worldwide famous. In this book, he mentioned 101 equipment’s used for surgery. He named these tools which resembles animal’s.

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