Krutika 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Mrugashira 1, 2 padas

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25 Oct, 2020 to 31 Oct, 2020

You can be in some confused state because of the problems you are encountering from the persons, who did help to you previously. Physical strain increases and property related troubles can rise. You spend money on your personal needs and due to the relatives. You can face some problems due to the workers/servants. Even though there are delays in financial matters, you can meet with the expected results.


Whatever deal you initiate expenditure or lot of struggling involves in that, month starts with adverse situations, anger and aggressiveness nature, however slowly situations can turn in your favour. 1st week, Time can be favourable to you to make financial transactions and family matters; you may show more interest towards everything. You may need to wait for some more time to come out of troubles. 2ndweek, even though you receive help from elders or experience persons, it’s become difficult for you to understand and proceed further. 3rd week you may receive expected amount to your hand. You may display your dignity. Even though mutual help and support is there between family members and life partner, it is difficult to stand on a word for everyone.

Tharramurthy will be watched as the fourth fourth golden figure in the third of the tricolor till the end of the day. Saturn will be watched as the next 5th house metallurgy on Satyam 24.2-2020. Rahu -Kuthu will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the year.

This is the long tradition of Guru, Rahu, Kethu and Rahu in the Shankara. Until date 2020-01-24 will have an effect on ‘Shastakata Shani’. Graduation is reduced, so this year has been mixed results for this year. But the situation is a bit better this year than last year. Rahu’s royal patronage makes it possible to maneuver the power of any difficulty.
In the third place, the problem is to encounter problems like some implications, according to the scientific text of “pedestrian bondage poverty dehydration”. Unexpected encounters with hostages The amount of earnings can not be sustained by the cost of the expense. Physical activity increases. Not enough time for employees. Concentration is particularly important for students studying. In the crucial cases, the thinking power will slow down.

Rahu’s 10 th house walks in the direction of how many stupid conditions can be traced to the trick or path of the “Our goodness Sadanandam disgraced meal” is satisfied according to the scientific text. Pony! It is not as bad as it is, but the feeling that God has been saved. Good lunch is good. Let’s do good, it will save us. In the sense of making the suckers. The goodness that you have done will always protect you.

The result of ‘Ardha Shatma Shani’ is to experience a little more. Health is somewhat disturbed by the idea that “fear of harmfulness and fear of hurtfulness.” Always anxious to come up with an idea, a condition that feels threatening to go home, and there is a lot of disturbances in jobs.
The donation should be of a banana (or) jaggery (or) 1 1/4 kg of bunches on Thursday on a voluntary basis to get more favorable results.

Determination: – The planetary gravity of the moon in the moon.
The possibility of a gravitational companion is to honor older people and educators. The birth knocking rhyme for the ‘Naga Sindhuram’, Subramanya, and worship is great.
A great way to get rid of Ashata Shani is to help the poor, help people with disabilities, fibers to divide the houses, keep the house and the surroundings clean from time to time – sharing a mixture of orphans with ornaments on Saturdays. Whatever of the above is Shani’s favor.