Krutika 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Mrugashira 1, 2 padas

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25 Oct, 2020 to 31 Oct, 2020

It's better to be very careful or you monitor closely any of the dealings that you take up. Help & support can be there from family members and also chances are to encounter comments and criticism. The focus you keep to finish the pending works that initiated in the past gives you success in the dealings. Mental depression can be there even though time is in your favour.


During month beginning, rejections can be encountered from the persons, whom you requested for their help and support. As you speak harshly, encounters expenditure and loss in the dealings. 1st week, you work for self benefits. Even though shows high amount of interest, more concerned towards victory. 2nd week, favourable atmosphere can be there. Even though faces obstacles can get victory. Those who are in a plan for marriage proposals, it is good time for them. You concern more about financial and family related development. 3rd week, tension can rise, speaks even in a rude manner to finish your works. Expenditure can be encountered related to land property matters.

The Rahu in the second house, Ketu in the eighth house, Shani in the ninth house, Guruvu, Ravi & Chandra and Guru Sukra Moudhimilu in the eighth house will decide the essential results.

Changes in the Planets movements are taken into consideration. This year is favourable to the persons born in this Rasi. The property purchased in the last year on spouse name will yield good value in the sale and purchase commercial shop or land in a prime area. Will purchase agriculture land at a different place. On some occasions, higher-ups will not listen to your opinion and take decisions. But you will cleverly oppose, prove the sincerity and get appreciation. Leather production, exports and imports, short term temporary business will be beneficial. Travel in the sea or water possible. This year is good for Chartered Accountants. Name and fame possible but think twice about the clients. Trials for functions like marriages etc. will test your patience. Without your involvement, by God’s grace, your wedding will be fixed. You will spend more money than required and complete the event in a grand style. You will influence the Government and get orders.

You will work along with notable persons in the society. You will get name and fame for solving some issues relating to women. You will not be satisfied professionally for two months in the second half of the year. You will be successful in technical education.

Chances of pursuing higher technical education such as IIT etc. are possible. Thoughncautious about the family matters, concerning eldest daughter or eldest son, you have to take care. You will show interest in girl children. Will commence business with new partners. Profits in business are satisfactory. Due to the inefficiency of partners, difficulties with officers will take place. Sometimes, after receiving invitations for partnership, you will scrutiny all the partners, vouch for their views for business development. This may be due to the lousy time faced by you earlier. You will prove your identity despite your possible transfer in the job. Long pending issues are amicably solved with the help of family, relatives. Brothers and sisters are with you always. Don’t be a middle man. You will help others inauspicious events like marriage, and you will shoulder the responsibility on yourself. You will also receive the same help from your near and dear. Love marriage is not favourable and advised not to resort to temporary affairs as no one encourages such activities. Trials for those who would like to get married again will have good results.

Sometimes the possibility of a rift between the life partners. Try to be away from speculation. You will purchase valuable items, ornaments. You will repay the debts. Some may not like your prosperity, and you will be surprised to see your close friends join hands with such persons. Politics in the office with regard to caste increases. Implement the suggestions of others also; else you will face dire consequences. The goodwill of counterpart businessman will be damaged, and you will purchase open land secretly for the purpose of your business. The health of yours will be good with the help of yoga. Delay of bills receivable from Government or private is possible. Will take loans from banks or financial institutions. In jobs, you will take vital posts and responsibilities as you are very competent and hence your importance will never come down. You are the ray of hope for many who are in distress. You will get name and fame in your endeavour as you will take all into confidence. Because of you, scholarships, government schemes will be given to your near and dear. Those who are in cloth business, this is a good time and moderate for those in printing, advertising and marketing. You would like to be away from a luxurious life, but it is not easy.

Financial difficulties and issues relating to income tax will be solved. Possibility of theft of important documents and papers. Careful. You will consult specialists while purchasing any valuables. Expenditure on education and the family will be on the high side. You will understand that oil can be extracted from sand but not love from those who do not like you. Possibility of differences of opinion with the blood-related. Possibility of ill health due to eye. Back pain during the second half of the year. You will have tension about the children. Going abroad, studies abroad, foreign business, green card issues will be favourable.

Will purchase an immovable property from the money received from abroad resulting in developing enemies. The close ones from abroad will arrive home and are happy at the progress of you. Take utmost care while selling immovable property. Higher-ups will be surprised to see you handling the issues single-handedly. You will be disappointed to see the politics in sports, arts and cultural activities. Will hear comments from others for disclosing your personal information to others which will be resolved later. Ill health of spouse will put to hardship. Friendship will grow with influential persons. Helping friends often irritates you. You will like to work with lower grade people and ready to sacrifice the benefits. You will stick to yourself. Joint pains and allergy issue pain you. Good days are ahead for persons in the real estate business. People will feel jealousy. You can have sound sleep irrespective of tensions.

You will consume a lot of water. With individual earnings clubbed with luck in the form of spouse will make you rich and wealthy. Will get a promotion with great difficulty. Will be transferred to a temporary post. You will succeed in competitive exams in the year-end, resulting in good opportunities. You will take care of the health of elders. You will succeed in aeronautical engineering. To those who wish for children or marriage will be blessed with children or get married. You will learn foreign languages. You will get positive results for those who appear for IAS, IPS, IIT, APPSC etc. Part-time jobs will become permanent jobs. In some instances, close friends will be away from you, and some unknown will become friends. Be careful in handling ATM and Credit cards. Those who work in the private sector may get deputation chance with a higher grade. You will feel bad on those who were elevated to your stage. You will settle the issues amicably in your favour. You will feel mental stress. Construction activities will be faster. Court verdict will be positive. Political life will be good. Careful with officials of taxes etc. You will give importance to parents and elders. You will love daughter irrespective of whoever says anything. You will spend a lot of money on your family, which shows your love and affection. You keep away from chemicals and keep your hair in good condition.

For Ladies:

Overall the ladies born in this Rasi has a good time. Politics related to life is good. Those who write competitive exams and those who are pursuing education, sports etc. will have good results. Promotions and foreign trials are positive. Do not use abusive language on your children. You will seek guidance from elders with respect to the issues on hand. Chances of getting medicine seat or achieving civil services. Whoever does business on your name will have a good reputation and fame. Those who are planning to re-marry will get married. You will try to safeguard your self-respect. The courses you study or the products you introduced will get name and fame.

Those who are into a beauty parlour, cloth business, small scale industries will have a good time. As you respect elders and parents, if you do not listen to their opinion, may end up with a loss. Will learn martial arts. You will get a job in the police department. You will shine in fine arts, spiritual and cultural fields. Will get through written exams and get a good job. Those working in temporary employment will get permanent jobs. Trials for a green card and abroad visit possible. Will purchase ornaments, lands. You will organize Meetings, functions and union activities successfully. You must be careful with regard to health issues.

Knee pains, joint pains, ENT issues trouble the most. The coaching centres, educational institutions run under your guidance will prosper. New chances possible for those in TV or cinema industries. Love marriages are controversial to you and may not work.

You will oppose the advice of elders, argues with them but in vain. The elders may like to leave you on such issues. You show love and affection to your family. One of your children will become a headache to you. It is necessary to have the patience for those who work in offices, business etc. Miracles will not happen overnight. Slowly you will see the results. Keep yourself away, especially hair from chemicals.