Makha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Pubba 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttara 1st pada

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24 May, 2020 to 30 May, 2020

The week begins with peace of mind exists and can become joyful. Teachers and elders help, and support can be there for you. Stress is more and psychological disturbances exists. Mental tensions can be there in your children’s education and way talking. Health issues can trouble you. You Focus on profession/business development. Because of your inability to react in a timely manner, need to lose some of the opportunities that come to your hands ending the week.


You may lack happiness and comforts. Even though obstacles can be encountered, you can defeat your enemies. Those who want to harm you; in return they can be harmed themselves. You may deal with very stubborn nature in some of the matters. There can be a relief from the problems faced till now in the financial &family related matters and also there can be improvement in the situations. You can receive help and support from friends and relatives. Even though problems can rise in profession/business, however with utmost interest can prepare good strategies to overcome the problems. You may receive high results even for little bit of effort. Woman related money gains can be there. Situations can turn problematic for your elder siblings. Chances are there you can encounter litigations in property-related matters. Otherwise expenditure can be there due to repairs for property related matters.

This will be done for the 05-11-2019 by the Guru Nalgonda and the next fifth house. At the fifth house of 24-01-2020 Rajitha Murthy is going to be the star of the next sixth house. Rahu-katthas all year round are going to be housed in 11-5 th.
This year they have mixed results this year but compared to the previous year, they have a very calm, very quiet year this year.
In the long navar planets, Shani and Guru are incompatible with the presence of Rahu, though the lion is not in favor of the lion, where the lion passes through all the way and traveling on a convenient route.
The mobilization of the Guru is due to the “prostitution chauvinism theory” the apologetic text that most people will add to all. Even if you do not like them, you will have to interact with them by the effect of circumstances. There is a situation where there is no need to know how to work and what to do. Highly inadequate journeys are expensive.
According to the science of theory, “Shastri: Vasanthi Vasya Kalaiyapam” by Santhi fifth, is delayed in performing tasks or performing tasks.
Family affairs cost more money. Family affairs and marriage are delayed, however, this year may be somewhat better.
Rahu, who is in the 11th place like a magic from all the cases mentioned above, will get you out of the mournful text of the Govajiganga Sanghana.
Overall, this year’s lions will be better compared to the year before. Employee efforts will be able to achieve some improvement in comparison with home and business related. But if you want to get full advantage, next year is a positive year.
However, as a magic, you will be able to walk in the path of any kind, even if the situation arises.
It is good to donate or donate every Thursday to get more favorable results.
Mantra: Mama Gokararikya Ardhitamama Guru is not a misunderstanding. Do not be afraid at the time of dawn in the evening. Nandivadan Deepamadhana in Shiva temple and put a chimmila nail in the house without returning back home. Aditya heart renaissance, timebound reading, good reading, good reading, gives good results.