Sri Swarna Kavacha Durgadevi



Sri Swarna Kavacha Durgadevi
Sri Swarna Kavacha Durgadevi


Sunday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Padyami

Decoration of Sri Swarna kavacha durgadevi  on 1st day (shilaputri,Rahu)

Red color saree (Budha)

Honey nivedana (Prasad) (Sukra )

Lemon rice (Rahu)


Who should do it? Why? How to do it?
On the day of Padiyami, the saints are decorated with red saree
By doing so, the horoscope of horoscope is compensated for by reporting Pongali (tamarind), so that those who are not married and married (especially for women) get married in a timely manner and have a good spouse. Those who have already been married and are struggling in the marital life (both men and women) are relieved. The newly married couple will be able to enjoy the marital life together and get married.

Also, the weakening of Mars in the horoscope will reduce the unnecessary rage, fainting stubbornness and throbbing nature. Those who seek for offspring have a healthy male offspring.
It serves as a very effective remedy for people who have low self-esteem and who suffer from unnecessary panic attacks.

Mantra to Read

om dum durgayai namaha

om sree matha durga devi namo namaha

sarva mangala mamgalye sive sarvaardha saadhake
saranye trayambake goury naaraayani namosthuthe !!!


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